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Administration, Ball’s In Your Court
The Editorial Board
March 7, 2014

The lethargy at School Meeting these days is palpable, starting with the lackluster senior cheer and ending with the shambly singing of our school songs.

This lack of energy, however, might be attributed to how predictable—and consequently wasteful school meeting has become.

So The Scroll commends the Administration for the highly original school meeting of February 12, the crowning moment of which was our beloved teachers throwing off their austere exteriors and breaking out into a dash mob. Yet we still wonder why such entertainment should be mandatory.

Many of us would willingly come out in support of faculty and student performers, but considering the lack of real substance in School Meeting agendas, there is no wonder student—and faculty- attendance has been dwindling. Forty-five minutes of free time, after all, is a true rarity in any academically-rigorous environment like Deerfield’s.

Knowing Deerfield students and the respect we hold for our traditions and our culture, we here The Scroll believe that the community truly wants to be together. We cannot be sure, however, until the administration restores School Meeting to its former substantive glory.