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2014 February
February 13, 2014
What’s in a Name?
“What’s in a name?” This famous question should be the first one posed by any college advisor worth his or her master’s. How much should the reputation of the university…
February 13, 2014
Racism: Still A Thing
If I could let the Deerfield community in on a secret, it would be that we all have a false sense of security in the idea that there is no…
February 12, 2014
Do We Really “Like” Facebook?
The concept of “liking” things on Facebook is something I’ve never really understood. It’s a mysterious signal that can mean a number of things, from “No one else has liked…
February 12, 2014
For The Girls
My sophomore year, Mr. Silipo asked my class to raise our hands if we considered ourselves feminists. I refrained from raising my hand (as did the rest of the class)…
February 12, 2014
The Deerfield Bro Cult
What does it mean to be a Deerfield boy? Much more than at previous schools I have attended, boys at Deerfield stick together and almost always have each other’s backs.…
February 4, 2014
Reflecting on Turbulence in Thailand
Thailand has experienced much political unrest in the last few years. In 2006, the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was overthrown by Thailand’s military on charges including corruption, human rights violations…
February 4, 2014
In Tune With Ju Hwan
Ju Hwan Park ’14, one of Deerfield’s most prominent singers and guitarists, has contributed greatly to the music program over the years. “Music is everything to me, so if I…
February 4, 2014
Lena Mazel: Nashville Living
After graduating last spring, Lena Mazel ’13 made her dream of being a professional dancer come true. This year, Mazel is one of 16 girls dancing with the Nashville Ballet,…
February 4, 2014
Chamber Singers Shift Key
This winter the music-co- curricular run by Music Director Daniel Roihl has expanded its repertoire and has many more students involved. The group now includes 14 students: 10 girls and…