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Q&A with Basketball Phenom Jess Hom
December 18, 2013

Scroll: When and why did you start playing basketball?

JH: I tried out for my first AAU team in fourth grade and played with the same team until I graduated high school. AAU— Amateur Athletic Union—is a travel basketball team that consists of players from all over the state, and competes against other teams from the state or outside the state. I started playing because my dad and older brother, Michael, are basketball fanatics, and I guess I wanted in.

Scroll: What is your favorite basketball memory?

JH: My favorite basketball memory was a game against Pomfret last year. It was a huge upset because Pomfret had only lost two games before playing us (St. George’s). We were ranked ninth seed while they were ranked number one, and we ended up beating them by 20.

Scroll: What do you consider to be your biggest strength on the court?

JH: My biggest strengths are my three point range and passing/ setting up my teammates.

Scroll: Why did you choose Deerfield?

JH: I chose Deerfield because it is a top academic school, and I felt that I could be challenged on and off the court.

Scroll: What are your goals for the season?

JH: Hopefully, by the end of the season we will double the number of wins that the girls team had from last season.

Scroll: Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

JH: My inspirations are my older brother, Michael, and my dad. They never forced me to play when I was younger; instead, they waited until I was ready. And when I was, they didn’t stop pushing me to be the best player I could be

Scroll: Besides basketball, what are your other interests?

JH: Aside from basketball, I enjoy art and drawing.

Scroll: What are your plans for next year?

JH: I am still waiting to hear back from the school, but I hope to play next year at the Division III level.