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Letter from the Editor
December 18, 2013

Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays! This is (hopefully) going to be short and sweet.

In the last issue we addressed some pretty hard-hitting topics, and this time around we wanted to slow things down a bit and explore some more contemplative issues.

It’s easy before a break to find oneself eagerly awaiting the future: looking forward to going home, seeing family, and spending some quality time outside of Deerfield in the real world.

As wonderful as vacations from school are, however, we have to remember that each of us will reach a break over the next few years that won’t end with our parents driving us back up Albany Road.

What I mean by this is that our time here as students is not interminable. There is a foreseeable finish line, and what I want to stress most of all is for everyone to stop thinking of time here in small, blurry segments that only exist to fill the space between holidays.

We are beyond lucky to be learning as much as we are at this time in our lives without having to worry too much about what the future will bring. Take advantage of it.

We aren’t here to complain about how swamped or stressed we are, but to take what we’re being given and make some sort of a difference both at Deerfield and in the world (when we leave).

There are few times in life that are as full of opportunity yet free from the pressures of adulthood responsibilities as these years.

If you don’t agree with something, challenge it. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to put it out there. This school isn’t a one-way street; it only works if students reciprocate what they learn and pass the information onto those around them.

Don’t just sit around waiting for it all to be over, but instead take these two weeks to figure out both what it is you want most to get out of your experience here and how you plan on accomplishing whatever definition of success you hold.

Sincerely, Charlotte Allen Editor-in-Chief