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Letter from the Editor
Charlotte Allen '14 Editor-in-Cheif
December 8, 2013

Dear Reader,

Let me begin by clarifying a few very important things. First, The Scroll seeks to provoke conversation, not people. Second, we here at The Scroll are not trying to push an agenda of our own, but rather attempting to shed light on issues that no one wants to talk about.

If controversies are consistently swept under a rug of silence, Deerfield will lose a vital piece of the puzzle that is necessary to solve in order to make the school a better place.

Discourse becomes increasingly less effective each time we ignore subjects of conversation out of fear of repurcussions from the administration or simply because they are uncomfortable. Yet the more difficult it is to talk about something, the more important it is to discuss.

As we wrap up the fall term, think about what you observed in these first few months; the good, the bad and the ugly. Take a moment to catch a well-deserved breath, but also to consider what kind of a school you wish to come back to after Thanksgiving break. If you take anything away from this issue, it is that you should never be afraid to share constructive criticism in any form. The administration cannot telepathically guess our opinions; we must take the initiative to share them in order to have any sort of lasting impact on this institution.

I urge you to think about what rights and privileges you gave up when you chose to come to Deerfield. To what extent are our lives altered? Do you believe the Academy rules are justified? How far should the “Arm of Deerfield” reach?

There is no single right answer to these questions, and the more people talk about them, the more likely we are to find solutions. Change is never easy, and the hypothetical is always simpler than the reality, but I guarantee that saying what you think will make a difference.


Charlotte Allen