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Artist of the Issue: Lilah Lutes
Caroline Fett '16 Staff Writer
December 8, 2013

Since she arrived as a new sophomore, Lilah Lutes ’14 has actively participated in Deerfield’s art program. Lutes’ passion for art extends beyond the school year, and she has continued to pursue her talent outside of school.

This past summer Lutes had a job painting murals in Boston. Along with 10 other artists, she used house paint to install a variety of designs in different locations such as on the interior of a bus stop and on the wall of a Mexican restaurant called Purple Cactus.

Lutes enjoys all types of visual arts, including pastel, charcoal and watercolor, but her favorite is black-and-white sketching. She began drawing when she was young and hopes to pursue her passion through college and make it a life-long hobby. Her ideal career would be something that requires artistic skill, such as a graphic designer or an architect.

Lutes does not have a particular preference for the subject of her pieces; instead she views art as a constant yet welcome challenge. “I don’t like to draw just one type of thing, because I like to challenge myself all the time,” she said.

Each year at Deerfield, art students in Topics undertake a self-portrait project in imitation of a piece of work by artist Chuck Close. “I’m most proud of the piece that I did after Chuck Close last year,” Lutes recalled. “It’s the only piece that I’ve ever seriously considered giving up on.”

Art teacher David Dickinson has influenced Lutes’ art over her years at Deerfield. “Mr. D is different from most art teachers,” she said. “He cares about basic art techniques, and he emphasizes how important it is to learn these techniques before exploring one’s own style.”

Art continues to be a positive influence in Lutes’ life. “I love art, because I can break the rules and not get in trouble. It makes me more open-minded and just a happier person.”