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A Defense of Propriety
Katie Livingston '15 Contributing Writer
December 8, 2013

The real problem with the Deerfield dress code lies in the inability of students to follow the dress code. If girls would follow the dress code fully, there would be more mutual respect between students and faculty, rather than teachers placed in an awkward position where they either have to let it slide or make the student go back to her dorm and change.

A common violation by girls is ignoring the second-layer rule. That means that the tank-top under your flowy sheer tunic does not count as a second layer.Your V-neck sweater that shows an inch of cleavage when you lean over to take notes isn’t dress code either.

Following the dress code would also place girls at the standard set by female faculty members, who are also expected to dress in dress code, and who manage to do so with more consistency than students do.

Faculty would then not have to belittle students for not following dress code. Being called out on dress code isn’t the faculty’s way of chiding us, but is rather trying to have us follow the rules and allow for a mutually respectful community.

What kind of message are we really sending by not following the dress code? Girls are basically implying that they may feel too good for the dress code, and that looking attractive is more important than looking respectful.

So, next time you are going to wear that super short skirt or a shirt without a second layer, think again. It’s not just affecting your comfort in class, but it’s potentially damaging the bond between faculty and students.