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2013 December
December 19, 2013
Competition Sparks Abuse of Prescription Drugs
In the world of prep school sports, Deerfield values integrity and sportsmanship. If there were a football player on the smaller side, we would encourage him togotothegymtobulkupand not to take…
December 19, 2013
Michaels Trots to Triumph
As wide and diverse as the co- curricular options may be, there are always those few students whose passions and ambitions cannot be satisfied by what’s offered. Sophie Michaels ’16…
December 18, 2013
Q&A with Basketball Phenom Jess Hom
Scroll: When and why did you start playing basketball? JH: I tried out for my first AAU team in fourth grade and played with the same team until I graduated…
December 18, 2013
Archery Club: Shooting Stars
This past fall, the Archery Club hosted Deerfield’s first-ever school-wide archery competition. During the event, nine entrants shot at different-sized targets placed at varying distances from the archer.
December 18, 2013
Spotlight on Hulburd and Anderson-Salo
Seniors Sidney Hulburd ’14 and Cody Anderson-Salo ’14 were both part of the cast for the fall production Almost, Maine, and attended the Boston University Summer Theater Institute (BUSTI) together…
December 18, 2013
Kalebe Reflects on Mandela
Boitshoko Kalebe, an exchange student to Deerfield Academy from South Africa in 2012-2013, spoke with The Scroll about the recent passing of Nelson Mandela. Scroll: What impact has Nelson Mandela…
December 18, 2013
An Education of The Heart
We at Deerfield are often reminded, by both the administration and by student leaders, of how sheltered we are. This criticism, however, is too often exclusively applied to our lack…
December 18, 2013
From Greer to Beer
Beer foams up and over the glass, cascading onto my hands and arms before dripping to the floor for the hundredth time. It’s fair to say that life has changed…