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New Student Council Leaders Elected
Anna Auersperg '14 Senior Copy Editor
June 4, 2013

For the 2013-2014 academic year Tripp Kaelin ‘14 will follow Cleo Siderides ‘13 as student body president, and Maggie Shilling ‘14 will succeed Teddy Romeyn’s ‘13 place as the student council chair.

Q: What motivated you to run?

TK: Deerfield has already given me more than I can hope to pay back, but in seeing what former presidents have been able to accomplish through the relationships he/she has had with the Deans and Dr. Curtis, it became clear that this would be a great window of opportunity to try and leave this school better than when I arrived.

MS: I really enjoyed my last two years on the council, and its something that I love being a part of. I really want to make Deerfield be the best place it can be.

Q: What are your aspirations for next year?

TK: I would like to have the students be the first to be informed when any school changes are being considered. This way the student body will have more time to give their input, and avoid feeling like something is being forced upon them when they hear about it at the last minute. Hopefully this will lead to improved ties between the students and the administration such that both parties feel as if they share a symbiotic relationship. Also, after speaking with several students, it has become clear that many feel as if school spirit may be lower now than it has been in previous years. For this reason, I would like to consult the cheerleaders and other student leaders as to how we can take steps to make next year’s atmosphere to be one of a heightened, vibrant energy.

MS: I want to continue addressing the issues that were brought up with reaccreditation, and continue having student forums. I want to keep the conversation about student life going, because I think it’s important to at least talk about it and hopefully change things.

Q: How are you going to improve relationships with students?

TK: First, I would like to limit the use of the survey, and instead play off of what Teddy has been doing this term by organizing small, optional student forums, in which a wide range of kids are asked to come and speak on a specific topic. I believe many of these smaller meetings will help to gain a better sense of the feelings of the student body.

MS: I want to utilize the Daily Bulletin and Student Council Website to update students on what the student council is working on. In addition, I want to continue with open meetings, smaller forums, and group discussions to really pinpoint the issues students want us to address.

Q: How are you going to improve relations with the administration?

TK: I would like to attend more faculty meetings, as Cleo and Teddy have benefited from this. Also, I would like to loop specific faculty members in if they are beginning any new project on campus. The weekly meetings with the Deans, Dr. Curtis, and Maggie are a must to keep us all on the same page.

MS: I want to continue having frequent meetings with all the Deans and with Dr. Curtis to continue to open the line between students and the administration.