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Letter from the Editor
Charlotte Allen '14 Editor-in-Chief
April 18, 2013

Dear Reader,

Some serious congratulations are in order. First to you, the brave soul who has made the choice of picking The Scroll up from the floor or following the link in your email instead of tossing it into a recycling bin or condemning it to the world of cyber trash.

Foremost, however, kudos goes to last year’s board who marked a change in the winds of Deerfield journalism. The 2012- 13 Scroll Board dove deeply into issues that had been previously untouched and swept under the rug.

I plan on continuing the outgoing editors’ tradition of courageous reporting, and I commend them for a year more than well done. It takes some serious guts to talk about the big issues on campus, let alone publish them in print for the whole community to see.

As Deerfield changes with the times, we at The Scroll have to adapt as well, and that is what I hope you will see within this issue.

We applaud the school for being so transparent and open about the events that have transpired in the last few weeks and months. We also want to know what the student body thinks.

The heart of the paper doesn’t lie in the basement of the Classroom Building, but instead is kept alive by every student and faculty member on this campus. There is nothing that we want to stress more this year than the importance of hearing your opinions and ideas. This is a student-run newspaper, so let’s keep true to the name!


Charlotte Allen