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Alumni Respond to Hindle Investigation
The Scroll
April 18, 2013

Yes, I knew Mr. Hindle very well. I got to know him because he was the dorm master where most of my close friends lived, so I spent a lot of time on his hall. My friends and I thought he was great.

I used to go to Mr. Hindle for help on my math homework because he not only taught me the material, but made it interesting as well. He inspired me to pursue math and sciences in college.

As far as how the school is handling the situation, they are taking the appropriate actions. This is a tragic situation since Mr. Hindle was an inspiring teacher to so many students. However, these actions that have come to light must not be ignored, no matter how well respected Mr. Hindle was.

Deerfield is appropriately bringing this to the attention to students and alumni, regardless of the tragic nature of the situation.

By a member of the Class of 1980*


I graduated from DA in 1986. I knew Mr. Hindle mostly through soccer. I never had him as a teacher. He was well respected as a teacher and school leader; that being said, I was not surprised by the report.

I also knew Mr. Lambert–he was my dorm master and very well regarded as an educator, but again, I was not surprised by the report with regard to his behavior.

There was a lot of inappropriate behavior at the school during the years I was there. I am glad to see the school is addressing this issue, even after all these years. I think the school is doing the best they can and being as transparent as they can be.

By a member of the class of 1986*