Alumni Respond to Hindle Investigation

2 thoughts on “Alumni Respond to Hindle Investigation”

  1. Mr. Hindel/Lambert were not the only ones. I remember at one of the reunions that a female student commented that the computer science teacher had an infatuation with her and told her something along the lines of how he wanted to be with her and dreamed about it. I do not know if there was any inappropriate contact or if she was the only one.

    The teacher was basically forced out and left the school to go back for his masters. I do not remember the female student’s name.

  2. Secret Societies in prep school are just adolescent shenanigans. There is probably not much the Academy can do to stop them except set standards of disapproval, and critique. In the 1950’s members of the class of 1952 formed an irrepressible group called the Boy Scouts; we were a bunch of clowns to whom Frank Boyden wisely assigned a ” faculty advisor”, Frank “Rocks” Conklin who irregularly have the Scouts over for cake and punch. I think some maybe not all of us grew up after graduation. Paul Buckwalter, 1952

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