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Long Weekend Causes Anxiety For Some
The Editorial Board
February 6, 2013

Although Long Winter Weekend is a nice opportunity to escape the bitter cold and academic demands in the Pioneer Valley, it can also be a cause of stress for some. Students from faraway places can have difficulty finding a place to stay during the break—especially new students.

Though The Scroll Board recognizes that faculty and staff deserve time off as much as the students, we question why it is mandatory for all students to leave campus. We would like to remind the community to be sensitive about this issue: imagine how awkward it would be to invite yourself to a peer’s house who may have had plans to relax with his or her family. Not only does it create a possible strain on relationships, but it also causes anxiety for new students who may not feel comfortable enough with friends to ask.

Students are permitted to stay on campus during Parents’ Fall Weekend—though most students leave. We wonder why the same option is not offered in the winter. It is easy for students to fall through the cracks, which is why the community should show sensitivity and understanding that not everyone has the luxury of returning home at this time.