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Jewett, E-Proctors Spread Sustainability
Ryan Kola '15 Staff Writer
February 6, 2013

Environmental Science Teacher Jeffrey Jewett has created a plan to revitalize the sustainability program.

Just recently, the Think 80/20 Campaign was introduced to Deerfield, beginning with the new trash and recycling bins in each room in the New Dorm, with the goal of recycling at least 80% of what is typically thrown out. Over winter break, these trash barrels were put in other dorms including Dewey, Herold Smith and Bewkes.

“The physical environment should match the expectations.” Mr. Jewett. said, “I would like to see a lot more of the campus being an educational tool.”

Mr. Jewett has created Sustainability Action Committees, bringing together students, faculty and groundkeepers to promote a mutual response to environmental problems.

Dr. Thomas Hagamen, the Academy physician, proposed a more organic menu to reduce the amount of chemicals. In order to accomplish this, Mr. Jewett has raised the idea of creating a school farm that is entirely student run.

The environmental proctors, a group of students who have taken their interests in environmental protection and acted on them to advance school-wide awareness, have been managing dormitory energy use.

“The concern is that not enough action is happening. I am hoping that later in the year the e-proctors will have more of an activist bent, so that there are more student-initiated projects that make the campus a better place,” said Mr. Jewett.

[pullquote_right]“I would like to see a lot more of the campus being an educational tool.” -Mr. Jewett [/pullquote_right]

Mr. Jewett has negotiated for a small budget to sponsor mini-grants—from one hundred to one thousand dollars-—for students who are interested in researching and developing ways for the school to become less energy-dependent.

Mr. Jewett plans to advocate for more discussion and learning about sustainability in academic classes, and to take energy conservation and sustainability measures to a more active level than ever before.