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Dave Keith ’13 Starts Deerfield’s First News Blog
Michelle Kelly '15, Staff Writer
February 6, 2013

Dave Keith ’13, head of the Current Events Club, has taken on the job of keeping the school up to date by creating Deerfield’s first news blog, The Dispatch.

Keith compiles the week’s hottest global news stories and arranges them in an easy-to-read format, available to the entire student body 24/7.

“[The students] could use a site that takes news from across the internet and distills it down into the central stories,” Keith said. “Every other night I look through all the news websites and find important stories that are interesting and that people should read about.”

Keith acknowledges that one of the reasons DA students are unable to stay informed about current events is due to busy schedules and little free downtime.

“[The Dispatch] is valuable when the community is strained for time, and they are looking for something a little easier to access,” said Keith.

He is also interested in feedback from his readers. “I have been talking to students about writing opinion pieces. There are also crossword puzzles and games that you can play weekly on the site,” he added.

Through The Dispatch, Keith hopes to keep Deerfield students connected to the world beyond our campus.

“It’s extremely important to be aware about what’s going around us and outside the community,” noted Keith. “If people read about what’s going on in the world, they can realize how much it can sometimes affect them, and why it’s important to make sure you’re informed.”

Be sure to check out to get your daily dose of news.