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A Portrait of the Man Behind the Lens
Ryan Logie '13 Senior Staff Writer
February 6, 2013

Professional photographer Jeff Brown is the man behind the camera, photographing sports games, dances, and school portraits for Deerfield since 2005.

He started taking photos for the Communications Department, as well as freelancing in weddings, portraits, and other local work.

“Every shoot has its own challenges,” Mr. Brown said. “You can photograph the same sport many times, but each time it is going to be a little different. I also get to meet many different people in a variety of walks of life.”

While Mr. Brown likes to meet a range of people, he also likes to take pictures in a range of sports. “There is something great about just every sport or team I get to photograph,” he said. “With that said, usually the more action and faster the game or event moves, the more I like it.”

He added, “I find it can be even more fun if you personally know the athletes or have some sort of a connection to the team you are covering, which is why covering the Deerfield teams is so enjoyable.”

Just as Mr. Brown likes his job, he likes most of his photographs. But some photos are particularly memorable. The two that come to mind were both taken at Deerfield.

“One was during basketball season when during a game I captured the exact moment that a player dislocated his kneecap while driving to the basket,” he said. “His knee was obviously dislocated in the shot. The other that stands out is a shot of a soccer player doing a header. The image shows the multiple ripples that distorted his face as he headed the ball.”

And along with favorite shots come favorite memories as well.

“I have many memories that I look back on fondly,” Brown said. “One that comes to mind was when I was on an assignment at Purdue. Purdue was playing Minnesota and the Purdue quarterback threw a record five touchdown passes in that game. The quarterback’s name was Drew Brees (now a member of the NFL team, the New Orleans Saints). You never know when you are photographing someone who he or she will become. Through the years I have taken images of many athletes who have gone on to become professional and even Olympic competitors.”