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Letter from the Editor
kristy hong 13 editor-in-chief
January 18, 2013
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Dear Reader:

When we first announced The Scroll planned to pursue a story on socioeconomic class, we faced mixed reviews. While some people said the forums would stir important conversations, others said they might be potentially corrosive. Nonetheless, we held the forums and now present the opinions of those who attended. Whether or not socioeconomic class is an issue, we felt that publishing the ideas of students, faculty, and staff could provoke discussion.

The Scroll editors did not have an agenda or seek token voices that argued for and against privilege. We neither acknowledge the existence of a “dominant culture” nor condone what some students call a “divide.” Throughout the reporting, editing and laying out process, we have striven for objectivity. Every attendee knew the forums were recorded and portions would eventually be published. We did our best to choose quotes that were clear, provided diverse opinions, and showed insight into Deerfield’s culture.

Many students who came to the forum said they wished more people from higher socioeconomic classes had attended. We covered charged material, so we can understand why this issue may seem unbalanced. The Scroll will continue to pursue this topic, interviewing more people who want to respond to this broadsheet or give another side of a complex, difficult topic.

To Ashley So and Sammy Hirshland–thank you for the extra hours, commitment, and persistence to make this issue possible.

-Kristy Hong, Editor-in-Chief