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Does Class Affect Friend Groups?
Deerfield Community
January 18, 2013

I don’t think the lack of interaction between friend groups is offensive, or demeaning, but it is simply because we lack a common ground. For girls, we talk about what we wear and that’s a different story for each social class, friend group, and mixed cultures. I simply think that there is no middle ground, and the lack of it doesn’t allow for room to approach with other friend groups.

-Stefani Kuo ’13


Do you think there’s so much structure in our schedule that we only notice during the free time people go together in their sort of groups, because that’s the only time they can do that since we’re mixed all the time?

-Claire Collins ’15

The purpose of school is to learn, and how do we learn? We can learn from our peers. If we only go around with people we are familiar or comfortable with, then we’re not learning. We can stay at home and do the same thing.

-Sal Liu ’15


I don’t think we should be chastised for befriending people we’re similar to or know well from before. But if you come into it close-mindedly, only associate yourself with certain people, I think that’s an area that needs attention. I’m not saying it’s bad to associate with people who are like you, but try different things. We need to diversify our school by having people from different classes interacting.

-Jared Armes ’15