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2013 January
January 18, 2013
Is Privilege an Issue?
Faculties and students discuss whether socioeconomic class issue is present in the community.
January 18, 2013
Is There a Divide?
Does socioeconomic class create a divide between community members?
January 18, 2013
Is Identity Independent of Class?
“it’s not what you have on your body, but it’s how you carry yourself and it’s how you are as a person”
January 18, 2013
Where Do We Go From Here?
If we truly want to remove the barriers created by socioeconomic class, everybody needs to take an active role.
January 18, 2013
Diversity Director Reflects on MLK Day
What is “diversity”? Is it just about race? Why do we assume it is just black and white? It’s supposed to be about equality and equal access, not just skin…