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Staff Editorial: College Admissions
the editorial board
December 19, 2012

As college letters arrive and campus leadership positions begin getting distributed, it is important for the student body to act with sincerity and empathy when discussing these topics with peers.

In the past, the politics of ethnicity, legacy statuses and other similar qualities have been used to explain why certain students get into college or receive leadership positions.

These comments are not only unfair speculations, attributing one’s successes to things other than their determination and commitment, but they are also disrespectful and insulting. Our community attempts to be one of support and camaraderie, and we should congratulate those among us who succeed because it contributes to our school’s success as a whole.

The college admission process can be particularly disappointing at times, but we should not resort to making petty excuses about another’s successes. Seniors must realize that the decision is not in their hands. Many applicants are equally qualified, but there are only a limited number of spots for each incoming class. Comparisons do not help because everyone is different.

Finally, we should be careful about spreading college admission and rejection news around campus. It’s natural for news to scatter quickly, but we have to remember that what may seem like gossip to one person is someone else’s life. To a certain extent, it’s not everyone’s business.

Good luck to everyone in the college process and please pay attention to the feelings and concerns of others in the upcoming months.