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Rotating the Choate Day Tradition
cole faulkner 15 staff writer
December 19, 2012

After nine losses, two ties and zero wins on this year’s Choate Day, some students have been debating how the final scores would turn out if Choate Day were held in the spring.

“There’s a cheer that goes something like, ‘You won, but wait until lacrosse season,’” Brenna Schroer-Lundeen ’13 said.

Some students have suggested rotating the annual celebration of competition against Choate.

“I think Choate Day fosters a great sense of school spirit, and it’s kind of sad that it’s only in the fall,” Miranda McEvoy ’13 said.

James Chung ’15 added, “Having a Choate Day in the spring would give us a better chance of getting more wins. It also seems more fair [to us] since the fall is probably Choate’s best season.”

Sam Armstrong ’15 said, “I think the only people who really wouldn’t want a rotating Choate Day would be Choate kids.”

However, the rotations may require rescheduling with other schools.

“Choate has expressed interest as well, so it’s definitely not a bad idea,” Athletic Director Charles Davis said. “It’s just that it would require other schools to make concessions—there’s a domino effect.”

Some students think the tradition of Choate Day should remain the way it is. “I think Choate Day is a fall tradition,” Sloan Damon ’13 said. “We have lost some games in the past, but we’ve also won games, and I think in the long run it will just be a trend where sometimes we’ll lose and sometimes we’ll win.”

Damon added, “Everybody plays Choate no matter what. In my opinion, having more than one Choate Day or rotating the season in which it occurs would take away from its significance and tradition.”