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Stop with the Slurs
Robert Beit 13, contributing writer
November 13, 2012

Homosexuality is a tricky subject at Deerfield. Most people say that they are okay with people being gay, yet there are those situations where someone utters, “That’s so gay”, or says, “You look like a total flamer”.

Many times the whole subject of homosexuality is suppressed. Both students and teachers are often hesitant to mention the word “gay,” and coming out to the community is a large hurdle to jump over. I mean, does the community really exhibit openness and acceptance if only three guys are openly gay here, along with a handful of others along the LGBTQ spectrum?

I don’t mean to be too critical in this article since Deerfield has made progress since the incident of the letters and the guys who went around in the dorms and beat people up. Yet, even being out of the closet, I still don’t feel comfortable enough to express my sexuality completely. And a lot of people want to come out but they’re scared into the closet by homosexual slurs spoken by their friends.

I do believe that in general Deerfield is open and accepting community and that it does have its redeeming moments. I just think we have to show this acceptance.

If we want members of the LGBTQ to be comfortable people have got to stop with the slurs and the undertones. It is not okay to say, “that’s so gay” or “you look like a flamer” or anything else that targets homosexuals or makes fun of a stereotype in a negative way. It does not matter where it’s said or who’s around. It’s 2012. It’s unacceptable. Homosexuality also should not be a scarcely talked about topic. It should not be ignored or intentionally failed to be recognized.