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Co-Curriculars Allow for Flexibility
The Editorial Board
November 13, 2012

No matter how much we would like to believe that multi-sport athletes are the norm, sport specialization is becoming more and more common. Our co-curricular program has a duty to those who wish to specialize in a certain sport or activity as well as to those who wish to pursue a broader range of interests. The current program allows for both kinds of students to thrive because it encourages underclassmen to participate in multiple sports, and it allows upperclassmen to do recreational sports and activities with a less of a time commitment. Upperclassmen participating in these lower time commitment activities can use this extra time in order to pursue their interests.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing an interest intensely. Students should not be discouraged from doing this, but at the same time they should also not be discouraged from trying new things or participating in multiple sports. The administration does a good job of having a system that does not allow coaches to pressure their players into training for their sport year-round, yet allows for students to pursue their passions.