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Watch It! Deerfield and TV
mariah kennedy cuomo 13 senior staff writer
October 11, 2012

Joseph Morsman, dining hall and sports information director, said he watches TV for The “O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, and sports games,” he said. “I don’t watch the soaps.”

Mr. Morsman is not alone in making room in his day for television. Mariella Rutigliano ’13 enjoys watching shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and reruns of “House.”

“I think doctor shows are really thrilling and very realistic,” she said. “The scenarios are plausible.”

Though each dorm has a television, students said they watch shows online when they can fit it into their schedules.

“Most kids get their shows on Hulu and Netflix,” Olivia Mosley ’13 said. “If you include re-runs, I know a lot of people love Sex and the City on DVD’s.”

Cole Faulkner ’14 added, “I don’t really watch TV here. I don’t have the time.”

“Kids like TV shows that are about teens,” Emily Abrams ’14 said. “I don’t know if people still watch Glee, but people like Awkward. I personally like Game of Thrones.” Roommate Lila Lutes said, “I really like Arrested Development, about a weird family in California. It’s kind of like Modern Family but funnier.”