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Student Council in Brief: Honor Pledge to Be Upheld
nicky rault 13 senior staff writer
October 11, 2012

Student Body President Cleo Siderides ’13 and Student Counsel Chair Teddy Romeyn ’13 continue to champion the honor and respect platforms established by predecessors Theo Lipsky ’12 and Charles Jones ’12. This year, the Student Council has created a school-wide honor pledge that may be written on every major assignment.

Siderides posted a poll to the Daily Bulletin to gather student feedback on various options for the pledge. The results were split evenly.

The intent behind the new honor pledge is to encourage students to reflect on their values and to take pride in their work.

The Council has also made plans to host a second Respect Forum. Romeyn said, “The cornerstone of a Deerfield education is not learned from a textbook; rather, it is in the relationships we foster with those around us. We need to continue these conversations regarding respect, integrity, and concern for others.”

The Class of 2012 Student Council founded this initiative on respect by hosting a 90-minute session involving group discussions and presentations from students, faculty, and staff members. Last year’s student leadership also established the Value Statement, which appears in the opening pages of this year’s rulebook.