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Letter from the Editor
kristy hong 13 editor-in-chief
October 11, 2012

Dear Reader:

You may have noticed our new masthead and sensed change is afoot in the Scroll room this year. You are right.

Our goals this year are to provide a truthful account of school-wide news, serve as a forum for discussion, represent all constituent groups of the community and convey news in the most accessible way possible. We have taken several initiatives to fulfill them.

We have increased the frequency in which the Scroll comes out, publishing broadsides to cover important events timely and directly.

We have changed the Scroll Online into a weekly publisher, blogger and aggregator of student work published in not only the newspaper, but also in Albany Road and Slightly Ajar. Thank you, John Lee, for your help in integrating the Scroll to the digital age. Thank you, Ms. DiNicola and Mr. Thiel at Communications, for your guidance and resources.

We have started “grouptalk,” a column for clubs to share updates on important issues officers wish to promulgate. If any club leader wants to contribute to upcoming issues, contact Opinion editor Sammy Hirshland.

Prioritizing photojournalism this year, we will accentuate the power of the visual. Thank you to Photo editor Ashley So and Graphics editor Tatum McInerney for your curiosity and your willingness to experiment.

Thank you, page editors, for your spirit of social responsibility. Your continued commitment to the Scroll and empathy in this change in circumstances is extraordinary.

I would like to welcome Ms. Schloat and Ms. Fan to the Scroll family—the editors and I are excited to work with you.

Lastly, I want to thank our previous advisors for 23 years of dedication, wisdom and love. We will miss you; you have given us so much. This year’s work, from our first issue in April 2012 to our last in February 2013, is dedicated to you.