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Watch Your Mouth
kelechi akusobi 12 contributing writer
May 24, 2012

This spring term many members of this community have spoken up about what respect means to them and when they feel we, as the student body, lack respect. A large part of respect deals with vocal and physical language.

I am appalled by the number of times I have heard the word “gay” misused in the locker room or heard the word “faggot” slip from people’s tongues as if it carries no weight. Of all the excuses people make for using these words, “I say it all the time” is one that I can never buy. No matter your views—whether you are a homophobe or are all for gay rights—we have to be mindful of others around us. We all censor ourselves out of respect for older community members; when an adult or teacher is around, we usually watch our language.

You have to keep in mind that some of your peers could be offended when you say, for example, “that move was so gay.” Not only is misusing “gay” disrespectful, it is also making you sound ignorant and uneducated.