Uncomfortable Questions

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  1. David — Well said. And nice to see a different, equally true, account of the Deerfield experience. I’m glad to hear that the Diversity Alliances are a useful resource.
    I’m a gay alumnus, Class of ’65, a time when the idea of gay social services was unheard of. I was a New Boy Senior (Does the term still exist?), a varsity swimmer, and despite all the boys-fooling-around-in-prep-school stories one hears, it was the straightest year of my life. Very strict, very Spartan, with tough swim practices, mandatory study halls, and two weekends home, one in the Fall, one in the Spring — if your grades were good.

    Though I can now understand that I had crushes on certain guys, I also recognize that some of my (presumably gay) classmates never did figure it out for themselves. Over the years, I’ve seen their pictures, with wives and children, in the alumni news. At least for your generation, I presume that the “wives” part will no longer be true. (Except, happily, for lesbian alumnae taking wives!)
    Glad to see that you, like me, were also able to appreciate all the other good things that Deerfield has to offer. Different times, different challenges.
    It sounds like you’ve handled them well. Good luck!

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