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Thank You Class of 2012!
the editorial board
May 24, 2012

United and defined, the Class of 2012 is a force to be reckoned with.

Over the past four years, the seniors came together as a class. They are diverse in character while complementing each other’s individuality. They are energetic and eager to express themselves. We admire their maturity and their unwavering sense of self, something that is difficult to find in high school.

With a balance in arts and sports, the senior class leads the student-body with their talent and creativity. They bring spirit to the younger classes, encouraging more students to become involved in school life.

The seniors lead by example in the classroom as well. They have the highest class GPA out of the four grades and further impress us with their

Their leadership and enthusiasm will leave a lasting impression on the character of our school, and we hope that future students will strive to be all that the Class of 2012 was.