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PGs Come in Girls’ Sizes, Too!
cole faulkner 15 staff writer
May 13, 2012

When most people think of post-graduate students, a big, brawny lacrosse player comes to mind. It doesn’t even cross most students’ minds that there are female PGs amongst us as well… like Tierney Griff and Alanna McDonough.

Griff enrolled this past fall in order to play lacrosse, while McDonough enrolled to focus on running.

Both girls recognize the PG stereotype and admit that they are definitely not as well known around campus as their male counterparts.

“Most people don’t even know we’re PGs,” laughed McDonough. Griff agreed, saying, “I was asked if I was a freshman five times at the beginning of school.”

Griff said that even friends from her previous highs school were surprised by her decision to repeat senior year. “Back at home, I had to explain that yes, I was going to high school again, and no I’m not a boy. Girls do it too.” Neither athlete regrets the decision to spend a fifth year in high school.

However, despite the attention that boy PGs receive, McDonough and Griff confess that they don’t mind being left out of the limelight too much. McDonough joked, “I’d almost rather not stand out, to be quite honest.”

In response to why Deerfield over other high schools, Griff said, “Out of everywhere I applied, this was the one place I didn’t know anyone and I thought it would be a good experience.”

“Deerfield is pretty well known for really balancing good academics and athletics and it looks good from a college standpoint,” McDonough added.

McDonough, who became a PG to switch her athletic focus from hockey to running, has been satisfied with the level of competition she’s encountered this year.

“The cross country and track teams here have greater depth and a few better runners than my old school so I have certainly gotten better.”

Griff concluded with sharing the highlights of her year. “Playing on a team and being in that part of the community was really fun. It has been a great experience.”