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A New Status Quo
james yang 12 contributing writer
May 24, 2012

Most of us come to Deerfield to succeed, but for some, that means strictly following the status quo at all costs. The “cool” kids here often have ties to wealthy, powerful, and successful people. Many of us feel the pressure to associate ourselves with those kinds of kids to succeed likewise.

Forming a good rapport with anybody is positive, but when the pressure to be cool overrides individualistic ideas and mannerisms, we fear and avoid simply being ourselves.

We have to do what has been established as cool. We are expected to want to go to the Greer with the gang; refusing is preposterous. Fun? Doing what gets me varsity status matters more. He or she is all right, but I gotta ignore this loser. I can’t jeopardize my image.

I ask you, who comes to Deerfield wanting to become a follower? I love Deerfield because it gives us a chance to become individuals. We can choose self-purpose over conformity. I hope we can make that the new status quo.