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A Man Of All Trades
mariah kennedy cuomo 13 senior staff writer
May 24, 2012

From yoga to Elements, David Morales Miranda ’12 has done a different co-curricular every term during his four years here and offers a fresh perspective on after-school life at Deerfield.

“I was interested in a more broad range of activities other than sports. I never felt very talented in sports,” said Morales.

Morales has done yearbook, an art exemption, and community service at an elementary school and on the farm. He has also acted for the play, managed tech for the play, danced, and learned to swim. Currently, he manages the girls’ varsity water polo.

Of others’ reactions to his lack of a sports co-curricular, Morales responded, “I did quad-squad freshman fall. I guess it’s contrary to the ‘Deerfield boy’ and I do get strange looks, but most of my friends have been supportive.” He continued, “I like watching sports, just not doing them.”

On his favorites, David said, “I really liked Elements. I loved working with Mr. Trelease because he is really passionate about everything he does. He made garlic farming for two hours seem really important.”

Morales also warned against the side effects of too little commitment. “I regret doing yoga. It was only about 20 minutes, two days a week. As a sophomore in winter, I was getting all my homework done before study hall and felt really lost.”

Through his diverse co-curriculars, Morales has enjoyed the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people.

“It was nice that I got to know so many people, especially in such a small school,” Morales said. “It would get boring if I was on the same three sports teams every year with the same people.”

When asked what students should consider as a co-curricular, Morales responded, “Theater tech. I’m not a guy who knows a lot about how to use power tools, but I liked all the people and found it to be really cool that I got to see the product of what I was working on.”