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President Lipsky’s Parting Words
mariah kennedy cuomo 13 senior staff writer
April 26, 2012

Which member of the class of 2013 would be the best student body president? Though students will need to make this decision within the next few weeks, the answer to this question is still not apparent for many.

“I don’t exactly know what the president does and wouldn’t run myself because I don’t know which qualities would make for a good one,” said Mariella Rutigliano ’13, echoing the feelings of many voters who are uncertain about what to look for in a candidate.

Current student body president Theo Lipsky ’12 described the process as “just a matter of putting your name on the daily bulletin, giving a speech, and waiting for kids to vote.” An undaunted and experienced debater, Lipsky nevertheless noted, “I think that even if kids are nervous about public speaking, that should never hold anyone back.”

Whether voting or running, Lipsky believes, “It’s not being the best speaker or being really popular with your class, it’s being able to talk with the deans very well” that makes an excellent school president.

“One thing that people don’t realize is that a big part is the constant dialogue you have with the deans,” Lipsky said.

For possible candidates and rising seniors in general, Lipsky advised, “The key thing is to understand that there are a ton of ways to contribute to Deerfield’s community as a whole and that you want to make sure you have enough time your senior year.”