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New Dorm to House Boys in September
garam noh 15 staff writer
April 26, 2012

The new dorm, to be completed by September, will be an underclassmen boys’ dorm. This new dorm will have thirteen more beds than Chapin Hall, allowing the school to reclaim the common rooms currently being used as doubles because of over-enrollment. The increase in room numbers will also allow the school to provide one day student bed per dorm. In two years, however, the gender assignments for Scaife, Mather, and the new dorm may switch, due to their similar occupancy capacities.

“With the construction of this new dorm, each corridor will have a common room, which we think is the best and healthiest set-up for a dorm,” said Dean of Students Toby Emerson. The new dorm (yet unnamed) will also have two three-bedroom faculty residences and one two-bedroom faculty residence.

Mr. Emerson confirmed the rumors that the new dorm will have an elevator. “Because of the American Disabilities Act, every building that you renovate or build has to have handicapped access. [The new dorm] has a second floor, so it’s likely to have an elevator. Not for non-handicapped student use, though, of course.”

“A lot of time and effort has gone into what the common room spaces will look like,” he continued, “and the new dorm will also pay attention to being green and environmentally sound. [Final plans will be made when] we hear back from the admissions office as to the yield of incoming students.”

The new dorm will be taking the place of Chapin Hall. Chapin may be used for faculty housing next year, and in two years, in order to accommodate the renovation of the art building, it is expected to hold art classes.