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Letter from the Editor
sungmin hong 13 editor-in-chief
April 7, 2012

Dear Reader:
We are privileged to welcome Ailey II for Monday’s Academy Event and to experience the unbridled expression, emotion, and devotion of the dancers. Rarely do we encounter such intricate, evocative art in our fast-paced and complicated lives.
Though some of us are hesitant to attend a required event, I hope that our connection to the performance is as moving as the dancers’ interpretation of the music and cultural themes in each piece. Artistic expression takes courage, and we, the audience, are fortunate to receive the messages of the dancers who so willingly express themselves in daring ways.
This broadsheet hopes to recognize the arts on and off campus, as well as to recognize their importance as a unifying force in the community.
My thanks to our fearless Arts and Entertainment Editor Miranda McEvoy and Graphics Editor Tatum McInerney.
Kristy Hong