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"Ghost Clubs" and a Plea for Passion
the editorial board
April 26, 2012

Half of the clubs listed for prospective students on Second Visit Day are inactive. These clubs are easily created with a signature and a couple of unsubstantial answers, with no meetings to follow. Usually due to lack of effort and interest, these clubs are neglected until the college application season comes along. Creating a club with people who have common interests is noble and sound, but if students are starting a club just for the sake of amplifying a college application, isn’t this undermining the spirit of pursuing an interest?

Similarly, those who seek leadership positions should make sure that they are applying for the job and not the title. Students sometimes forget the responsibilities they accept when tackling these roles, resulting in leaders who are unwilling and unprepared to put time and effort into their positions.

Instead of opting for multiple titles in a scramble for college acceptance, we should pursue our own passions and genuine interests to bolster a community of truly driven, unique individuals.