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Braving the Elements
cole horton 14 editorial associate
April 26, 2012

The highly regarded Elements program is sure to be one of the most remarkable co-ed co-curricular activities offered this spring. Elements offers a variety of outdoor activities to assist the typical student better understand nature, conquer potential fears, and support his or her peers in a unique opportunity.

Horseback riding, archery, rock-climbing, canoeing, and backpacking are only a handful of the activities Elements will tackle this spring, with the help of fine arts teacher Tim Trelease and science teachers Jeffrey Jewett and Dennis Cullinane.

According to Mr. Trelease, the Elements program is intended to create a foundation of “individuals working together as a team” through an “experience consistent with sports teams.” For all the students who feel trapped in “the Deerfield bubble,” the Elements program provides a release to interact directly with the beauty of New England.

Over the years, the Elements program has positively affected all its participants. Mr. Trelease described these effects as the development of support and confidence. “Over the course of all the things that we do, [participants] gain the experience of being supported and supporting others.”

Emma Beck ’13, an Elements participant, praises the program as “a great way to get outside and have fun while leaning new things about being in the great outdoors. Not only have we gone hiking, but also rock climbing and horseback riding, along with tomahawk throwing, bow and arrow shooting, and fire building. It’s been a rewarding experience!”