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Artist of the Issue: Hadley Newton
ayesha kapur 13 staff writer
April 26, 2012

Just as many find an outlet to express themselves in hobbies such as writing, acting, dancing, or playing sports, Hadley Newton ’12 discovered her passion in her sophomore year and since then has become an active contributor to the visual arts.

She is currently taking Post AP Topics, which she described as “more personal and independent.”

Newton explained painting and drawing as “a cathartic experience,” an opportunity to let go of the daily vicissitudes of life and simply relax. “I allow my eyes and hands to do the thinking, to perceive the subject without bias or distraction. In a world of technology, where everything moves faster, art is one of the few places where I can sit down and everything is still.”

When the average kid went to the playground, young Newton spent much of her free time visiting museums with her family. Growing up and learning to appreciate art is one of the reasons that she decided to pursue her creative side. Newton said that although sports at Deerfield “often seem to get more attention, Deerfield is putting more and more emphasis on art, and a greater number of students are now signing up for the AP [Studio Art] class.”

From classic, detailed paintings to quirky projects with “Q-tips, paintbrushes and acrylic,” Newton finds no boundaries to her creativity.

Humble and modest, despite her obvious talent, Newton explained that art is very subjective. “Good art incites a reaction. People don’t need to even like it, but it should get them to start talking and thinking.”

Over her four years here, Newton has explored the arts in other ways, influencing students with her incredible writing talent as the former Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Scroll and the former Arts Editor of Albany Road. Although Newton does not want to be a professional artist in the future, she concluded, “Art will always be an important part of my life.”