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Student Spotlight: Sebastian del Aguila
caroline kjorlien 13 features editor
March 2, 2012

Excited to return to the United States after living in Peru, Sebastian del Aguila arrived at Deerfield this term ready to immerse himself in the boarding school lifestyle.

Del Aguila has been to America a number of times before and even spent a term at Brooks School. He found out about Deerfield through Round Square. “I came to Deerfield because I wanted to experience boarding school life. I looked at the pictures of Deerfield in Round Square, and the school looked really nice. Also, I have family and friends in Boston, so I wanted to visit them and catch up,” he said.

In Peru, Del Aguila attended a British school, with all classes taught in English. Studying English for ten years, he hopes to attend college in America.

“I’m very busy with lots of homework,” explained Del Aguila. He considers the workload here to be very similar to that of his school in Peru.

Though he wrestles this winter, he does martial arts and soccer back home. Del Aguila was even offered a scholarship to play soccer at Brooks School. However, Del Aguila said, “I missed my home too much two years ago, but now I’m ready to spend time here.”

Del Aguila does not miss home, as he explained that he makes frequent phone calls. He also added, “People are really inclusive. They just tell me to join in anything that’s going on.”

Adjusting to Deerfield life wasn’t difficult, but he did mention, “I’m still getting used to the weather here.”

After he departs before spring break, Del Aguila will probably not return to the United States until college. “I want to study business or international affairs in college,” he said. Determined to play soccer in college, he is considering the University of Southern California.

Upon reflection, Del Aguila commented, “I don’t go to boarding school in Peru, but I think it’s much more fun being with friends all the time.”