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Seniors, Not So Privileged: Faculty to Vote on Parietals, Curfew, and Food Delivery
caitlin cleary 12 staff writer
March 2, 2012

The faculty will vote on two sets of privileges put forth by the senior class and already approved by Dean Amie Creagh.

In addition to sign-in parietals for senior-senior couples on select weekdays, bids for extended curfew and proposals to allow later food deliveries to campus have been put forth.

The proposals are subject to negotiation, and the Student Council has found the deans both “receptive” and “willing to compromise” as they try to accommodate as many members of the community as possible.

Like most of the senior class, Student Council Representative Jack Vallar ’12 feels that “Our grade has done a good job leading the school and the deans should reward that good behavior.”

It seems the deans feel the same way—they have permitted senior day students to drive other seniors, and they are willing to compromise further with students in the weeks leading up to spring term.

Not surprisingly, controversy has arisen over what other privileges the senior class should ask for.

“The thing about senior privileges is that they need to be for the entire class,” commented health teacher Kristen Loftus. “They can’t only benefit a select few. Sign-in parietals, for example, are only relevant to some students.”

In response to criticisms that the debate over privileges has been dragged out for too long, Student Body President Theodore Lipsky ’12 stated that the privileges “were only supposed to be for the spring term, so there has not been any delay due to the ongoing conversation between the student council, the faculty, and the deans.”