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Proctor Picks
zoe perot 12 staff writer
March 2, 2012

The time has come for proctors from the class of 2013 to be selected, and fewer students are eligible than ever before. Last year, Dean of Ethical and Spiritual Life Jan Flaska revealed that Peer Counselors would not be eligible for proctorship. Members of the Academic Honor Committee and Disciplinary Committee are also ineligible.

Mr. Flaska explained that this would “ensure that there wasn’t too much overlap between major school leadership roles and provide more students with the opportunity to have these roles.”

This year’s application process consists of a written application, peer review, and an interview.

Current proctors Allie Nagurney ’12 and Zatio Kone ’12 commented on the surprises of proctorship. “You really have to take it day by day,” explained Kone. Nagurney added, “My proctees help me! They put things in perspective.”

They added, “Who you are as a person is the most important part of your application.”