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DSPN: The Latest in Sports
sarah sutphin 13 staff writer
March 2, 2012

Though Communications revamped the Academy website this year, Grant Fletcher ’13 noticed that the site’s interscholastic scoreboard was not remodeled.

Instead of complaining to the busy Communications office, Fletcher has taken the matter into his own hands, or rather onto his own Facebook.

DSPN, Deerfield Sports Network, is currently established as a “Like” page on Facebook. Students who “become a fan” of DSPN have access to updates on scores for all sports teams.

“The sports page on the website is great, but we hope to fill holes,” Fletcher explained.

Fletcher updates the page with the help of JR Mastro ’13 and Nicky Rault ’13. “I’m in charge of it currently. JR and Nicky are able to contribute to it. JR puts up the team photos and posts occasional scores,” Fletcher said.

When asked if the page was a work in progress, Fletcher said, “I’d like to think that it is. Recently we’ve gained more fans, more scores, more stats. We have more support and more people wanting to get involved. We may be getting into interviewing players to find out more about them as individuals.”

Plans for the future? “My hope is that next year, this could maybe become a club that gets people going to games. If we get the club running, we can get more people involved in contributing. Quite frankly, school spirit is big here and a lot of people would like to know what’s going on. I believe there is definitely good interest,” Fletcher said.

Next year’s DSPN club will reach out to sports fans and artists. When it comes to photos, the DSPN webpage displays team shots taken by school photographer Jeff Brown. In the future, Fletcher hopes to encourage interested photographers to capture our sports teams’ greatest plays.

DSPN seeks financial support as well, which is why Fletcher revealed, “We’re thinking about ordering hats for this spring.”

Fletcher hopes to innovate not only the method by which students are updated on scores, but also create a positive change in the community.