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As Schools Match Wits
emily ng 14 editorial associate
March 2, 2012

Eliza Mott ’12, Edric Tam ’12, Mohan Yin ’12, and Jade Moon ’13 represented Deerfield this winter on the PBS high school quiz show As Schools Match Wits. The team won against Suffield Academy 260-235 in a regular season match but lost to Hopkins Academy 315-225 in the quarterfinals.

While this is not your usual Deerfield opportunity, Mott certainly enjoyed the experience and wholeheartedly recommended that others take up the chance if offered.

“It was so fun. It’s one of the most self-consciously dorky things I have ever done, but it’s fun,” exclaimed Mott.
Math Department Head Sheryl Cabral selected all team members with the help of faculty members’ opinions, including alternate John Lee ’13.

“The criteria for the members are kids who are bright and confident. In addition, the whole team together has to be well rounded in many sections,” stated Ms. Cabral.

On competition day, the representatives arrived and quickly received the game’s rules.

“We had to introduce ourselves to the camera. The set seemed really legitimate, as the host had a teleprompter,” revealed Yin. “Then we just played through the match. There was nothing made up or fake about it.”

Contestants received questions on a wide range of topics, from boy bands to chemistry, and Wisconsin to classic literature.

“Mohan and I both studied a little bit for it, but once we got there, we realized that what we studied didn’t really help us at all. We mostly had to rely on what we already knew—and some luck,” said Moon.

“The show was a good exercise, because it required me to act on impulse and to have faith in my knowledge,” said Mott.