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"Slightly Ajar," Slightly Amiss?
miranda mcevoy 13 arts entertainment editor
February 2, 2012

Slightly Ajar, the newest student campus publication, took a comical standpoint on a range of different topics related to Deerfield.

Editor-in-chief Casey Butler ’13 plans to have three issues a year. Explaining her motivation behind creating Slightly Ajar, Butler said, “My sister went to Hotchkiss, and she showed me her comedy magazine. We didn’t have one, and I thought it was a shame. I thought it would be really fun, as well as a de-stressing tool.”

The magazine ranges from an editor’s introductory note to several cartoons, which some people consider to be the most controversial and amusing part of the publication. Cartoons depicting “the neo-hipster,” “the prep school princess,” “the lax bro,” and “DA Hookups—the board game” poke fun at various aspects of Deerfield social life.

The first issue of Slightly Ajar generated amusement among some as well as conversation among others. It encouraged discussion, with strong feelings harbored on both sides. It allowed students to question and laugh at the social “norms” of DA.

Wyatt Sharpe ’13 commented, “Defining stereotypes can be controversial. People shouldn’t feel like they need to be one of those three people. Instead, people should rep their own style.”

Of the cartoons, Laura Quazzo ’13 said, “I thought they were funny because many of the specified aspects of the cartoons were accurate.”