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nicky rault 13 senior staff writer
February 2, 2012

Student Council is currently working on a principle addressing respect that will examine its applicable meaning and the importance of its presence in a community.

In the last ten years, there have been twelve disciplinary hearings for respect-related cases. Student Body President Theo Lipsky ’12 and Student Council Chair Charles Jones ’12, encouraged by Head of School Margarita Curtis, decided a student-initiated policy would be more effective than an imposed regulation.

Chairman of the Philosophy and Religion department Michael O’Donnell is leading a committee of several faculty members who will contribute to the process.

The Council and committee will hold an open forum on February 9 during the faculty meeting period to discuss this issue.

“We have worked on many drafts and will ultimately present our top ones to the student body for a vote,” said Student Council member Teddy Romeyn ’13.

“I hope the principle that the students adopt will be like a Boyden quote—something we will recite to our kids decades from now. If we embrace the spirit of this principle, we truly will be worthy,” said Jones.