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Oh! Canada
sarah sutphin 13 staff writer
February 2, 2012

In the past few years, male Canadian hockey recruits have crossed the border to attend DA as new juniors. When asked “Why Deerfield?” the boys all had different motivations.

Jay D’Amour ’13 said his decision to enroll was based on more than just hockey. “I decided to come to Deerfield for the experience. I never really liked change and was always afraid to step outside of my comfort zone. Now that I’m here, anything is possible.”

Jarred Kubas ’13 explained, “I decided to come to Deerfield because of the educational opportunities it offered and how accommodating the people were.”

Varsity hockey co-captain Ben Masella ’12 said, “Coming to Deerfield gave me the best opportunity to play high level hockey while having a great education. It’s really one or the other back home. It’s the best of both worlds.”

The athletes may not share the same reasons for coming to Deerfield, but they did unanimously agree on missing poutine, a Canadian food dish. “It’s French fries with gravy and melted cheese,” Masella explained.

When asked if the Canadians were a clan, Masella clarified, “We like to think of ourselves as a clan, especially because people single us out in the classroom and around campus. ”

Though Kubas was new this fall, he predicted what Masella expressed. “It’s early in the year, but I definitely think we will have a close group of guys.”