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Mystery and Murder in Medea
jade moon 13 staff writer
February 2, 2012

Sizzling with passion and murderous revenge, Medea, the winter theater production, is the perfect play to see on a blustery night.

A Greek tragedy by Euripides, Deerfield’s production of Medea has a twist to it.

Rather than setting it in a traditional Greek theater, “We set it in this mythical and eastern landscape, which highlights the exotic and foreign nature of the play,” described Theater Director Catriona Hynds.

In addition to the unconventional setting by Technical Director Paul Yager, the technical crew is employing special lighting and sound effects.

Both the lighting (by Andrew Bishop ’14) and sound designs (by Simon Moushabeck ’12 and Brandon Coulombe ’13) are, according to Ms. Hynds, “characters of their own.”

“I chose this play because it’s fabulous, and the translation I’ve chosen is very accessible. Most importantly, at DA we currently have the talent to explore such a challenging play,” said Ms. Hynds.

Ms. Hynds added, “Medea also allows a lot of involvement, with a cast of sixteen, including two faculty children and a host of other students in creative roles.”

Though Ms. Hynds doesn’t want to give away too much about the production, Medea is about a woman who takes revenge upon her husband for his infidelity.

Of her character, Sarah Woolf ’12 says, “Medea is a clever, passionate, loving, and strong-minded woman.”

Woolf explained that this production of Medea is “one of the barest pieces I’ve ever done. There are no props to rely on. It is really all you.”

She also noted that since the setting was not naturalistic, she had “this crazy liberty where anything could happen and liberty to dig into the character.”

Ms. Hynds warns her audience, “The physical set has a twist. Look forward to a new configuration in the Black Box and much more.”

The play runs in the Black Box Theater from February 15 to 18.