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MLK Day: Defining Diversity
the editorial board
February 2, 2012

MLK Day benefited greatly this year from increased student contributions. All members of the Diversity Alliance deserve praise for taking the initiative and attempting to make MLK Day more relevant and interesting for students, more artistic and media-based, and less focused on the customary single speaker. The film The Witness offered a new perspective on Dr. King, refreshing after many years of rewatching the famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Dr. Curtis’ message of translating our institutional values of diversity and respect into action gave us an opportunity to honestly appraise our school and our behavior towards each other. Speaker Michael Fassberg delivered a thought-provoking, encouraging exhortation to have dialogue from both sides about race.

Perhaps a more unifying theme for the day, and longer or more narrowly focused discussions, would improve next year’s event. Sustained discussion of diversity, tolerance, and contrasting perspectives will underscore the importance of the day.