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Iodice Freezes Foes
ryan logie 13 senior staff writer
February 2, 2012

On the bus to a game, you can find new sophomore Maryanne Iodice ’14 mentally preparing or reading on her Kindle. On the ice in a hockey game, however, her intensity shows.

Iodice (pronounced E-OH-DEE-CHEE) hails from Montreal, Canada, and her vicious slap shot has created a buzz on campus.

This new addition to the girls’ varsity hockey team is the fear of female hockey goalies throughout the NEPSAC. Her confidence with the puck and absolute bullet of a shot, thanks to years of dedication and practice, make her a standout on a team that has been successful thus far this season.

“I started playing hockey when I was eight years old because I wanted to be like my brothers,” shared Iodice. Eight years later she ended up at Deerfield.

Even though Iodice is new to New England, hockey here seems to be pretty much the same. “My favorite part of the team so far is just being able to do what I love all of the time,” she said.

Her slap shot could be labeled the “shot heard round the world.” When asked how her shot is humanly possible, Iodice answered, “My father made me shoot buckets of pucks in the garage. If I didn’t shoot properly, he would make me redo it. He is the one that made my shot what it is today.”

Though her shot is feared, most survive it. “I gave my goalie a concussion last year, but other than that I think a lot of girls just have bruises,” Iodice laughed.

All laughing aside, Iodice has high goals for her career. “My dream is to play at a Division One college and make the Canadian national team.”

In the meantime, you can look for her working on her stick skills outside of Mac or indulging in another one of her hobbies, reading hockey stories. With a ferocious shot and a kind heart, Iodice could have her own great story here at Deerfield.