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Green Cup Challenge Reaches Outside Bubble

The Green Cup Challenge this year is not only a competition between dorms and other schools. “The town of Deerfield is running a 12-12 Campaign this year to reduce energy usage by 12% in 2012,” said new Sustainability Coordinator and science teacher Jeff Jewett. “As a part of that, I would like to see us get a 12% reduction during the Green Cup.”

The challenge started on January 18, and until February 15, dorms will compete against one another and, overall, against Andover to see “who can reduce their energy usage the most, compared to what they were using before,” explained Mr. Jewett.

Each week, the boys’ and girls’ dorms with the greatest reduction in energy use will earn a dress down day. At the end of the month, the leaders will earn a restaurant feed. The grand prize will be a late curfew on the weekend night. Harold Smith and Louis Marx dormitories won the first week of competition.

Energy use is measured electronically by dorm.

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