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Where’s the Beef?
nicky rault 13 senior staff writer
December 15, 2011

In a move towards providing more organic food, the dining hall, under Interim Food Services Director Michael McCarthy, has stopped purchasing ground beef from a mass distributor.

Since Choate Day, the Lewis Family Farm in Essex, New York, has provided Deerfield with 100% certified organic grass-fed ground beef.

“The main reason for the switch was to have overall healthier food,” said Mr. McCarthy.

A supporter of the change, David Keith ’13, said, “This beef is healthier, tastier, and better for everyone, including the cows.”

Mr. McCarthy has also ensured that half of all eggs used come from cage-free chickens.

“In the future, you can expect more locally-sourced ingredients,” said Mr. McCarthy. “There are always opportunities to improve.”